Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lets Fix Congress

The 2012 Gallup poll found that 83 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job. Our government was created to be governed “by the people; for the people” but it has lost itself in an ideologically partisan quagmire governed “by the corporations; for the corporations and by the top one percent wealthiest people” at the expense of the rest of us.
Since Congress can’t govern anymore, it’s time “we the people” to take our government back. As a result, a non-partisan effort called No Labels is working to bring Congressional Republicans, Democrats and independents together to work on issues facing our country.  It’s chaired by Republican former Governor Jon Huntsman and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia.
No Labels is asking Congress to follow some specific principles: Fix the filibuster, no budget no pay, form a bipartisan leadership committee, bipartisan seating at congressional sessions, and an up or down vote on Presidential appointments to name a few. You can get the complete and comprehensive list at www.Nolabels.org.  
Twenty five members of Congress have already signed on, agreeing to become “problem solvers” and meet as a group once a month. Local signers include Republicans Charlie Dent of the Lehigh Valley area and Mike Fitzpatrick of Bucks County. You can see who the rest are here: http://www.nolabels.org/friends-no-labels.
We, in Jim Gerlach’s district would like to see Representative Jim Gerlach on this list. We want Gerlach to end the gridlock in Congress.
No Labels hopes to enlist 75 members of Congress by the end of 2013. I have asked Representative, Jim Gerlach to sign on. I encourage you to ask your congressmen to do the same.  More information can be obtained at www.NoLabels.org.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Great article about climate mitigation